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From Kiribati to Hawaii; 27-year-old ready to set Guinness World Record for fastest traveling

The spirit of wandering and the thirst of traveling can never be dimmed. For those who love to travel and know how to pursue it, nothing and no one can stop them from doing so. This is why, just a 27-year-old Cassie De Pecol is going to become the youngest individual to travel all countries on Earth in the fastest time.

The lady from Connecticut set off for visiting 196 countries, sprawled all across the world in July, 2015. In the past 15 months, she has spent her timing visiting 180 countries and is all set to top off her world tour in the next 45 days to come; marking her journey as the fastest traveling tour around the planet.

In the previous 15 months, Cassie has spent nearly $198,000 on her road trip, including airfare for 254 flights all over the world. The huge chunk of this budget has been made probable by the donations from the sponsors who offer Cassie a free stay at luxury eco-hotels demanding Instagram promotions in turn, as Cassie has become a mini-celebrity in herself. She has, currently, filled up to four passports on her world-visiting venture.

Apart from putting a stop to her globetrotting thirst, Cassie is also doing certain jobs to keep her life going.  With visits and travelling, she is also filming her documentary to record her experiences, collecting water samples from all over the world for Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation, and acting as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism.

As per Cassie De Pecol, she stays in a certain country for about two to five days. She had recently visited New York City, so that she may approve her visas for the remaining countries;

“Though I haven’t yet become the first documented woman to travel to every country in the world, I imagine that the feeling of accomplishment and awe will be overwhelming. I just hope that I’m able to inspire young women (and men) around the world to go after goals and feats that so far, people think can only be done by man.”

#fbf to Angkor Wat

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Previously, the record was set by a 33-year-old man Graham Hughes who traveled to every country in just four years. But, it seems that we have a new fastest traveling Guinness world record holder.

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