3 Things we can not live without…!!


Things your never get back



This is a love which is being received by your family unintentionally day by day. This relationship consists a bunch of trust and loyalty pack, which cannot be replace. When we have a positive relationship with someone specially our family, it helps us become healthier, happier, and satisfied with ourselves.

It’s the way we talk to family members, the stories we tell, and having the same interests as this will define a sense of what your family is like.



Nowadays, Money is the most important element of live, unfortunately every single person over here required money to survive in this world. Money is certainly not one of the basic needs that sustain life, but is so important that we simply can’t live without it.

It is the only effective means through which we can quantify the value of the basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter and is the only sure way of acquiring them for their true worth.



By hope, I mean:

Hope that the future will be good and acceptable which will give the inner peace and motivation no matter how hard the situation will become.

Hope that although I may be growing old and losing certain things (innocence, opportunities), there is a chance to either regain what I have lost or to gain other things – equal or better than what I have to give up.

if I have no hope than I have nothing…!


Ibtesam Paracha

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