Be with someone who makes you a priority, not an option

Be with someone who makes you a priority and not an option

It is quite easy to get distracted and not give our partner the attention or affection that they deserve as a human being, which however can quickly lead to feelings of being unappreciated or taken for granted.

I feel a good partner should pay extra attention in order to do their part in a relationship.

Here are few important factors, which will help you figure out where you stand in your relationship:

  • Be with someone who is honest and loyal:

While honesty and loyalty shouldn’t be difficult traits to find, they are. However, the only thing that really causes cheating is a cheater, I think we need to understand that someone who will cheat on you, will give you unnecessary and countless explanations, and will also try to cover it up with even more lies.

Honesty and loyalty are the two main pillars to the foundation of any relationship: Trust. Therefore, trust must be earned through displaying these qualities frequently. Do not give your trust to someone who has not earned it.

  • Be with someone who gives you their undivided attention:

A relationship is not choosing the person that you’re going to sit next to on the couch while your faces glow from your newsfeeds.

Be with someone who forgets that they even have their phone with them when they’re with you. Someone who genuinely wants to know how your day was. Someone who listens. Someone who doesn’t need an empty distraction to make it through their time with you. Someone who enjoys being with you in silence just as much as they love exploring the depths of your mind while talking to you.

Be with someone who understands that the one person in front of them is far more important than the hundreds behind the screen.

  • Be with someone who loves you even when they don’t like you:

Sometimes, liking someone is even more important than loving them – but you’re not always in a state to like them (especially when they annoy or irritate you). You may hold different viewpoints on the world, you may have arguments about family or about your future planning.

Which is why communication and compromise are so important, choosing to love someone every day is so important. Relationships are not perfect fairy tales and the only reason why relationship fail these days is only because they take work that isn’t always fun.

Just because you argue or disagree or get frustrated with someone, doesn’t mean you stop loving them. If you have a house and something breaks, you don’t walk out and sell the house. You fix what’s broken and move forward. The same you do in your relationship, you don’t run away or leave it broken, but fix it.

Do you or your partner fulfill all of these traits mentioned above? If not, then it’s time to walk away and move on.


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