“My kids don’t deserve to inherit my fortune” – Gordan Ramsay

Renowned culinary artist, Gordan Ramsay’s shocking statement about his children will leave you in a shock for once but yet will inspire you too. He announced that he will not be leaving his estimated $160 million net worth fortune for his children. why?? Because he doesn’t want to spoil them. And this is not the first time that he has been strict to them but he has made some rules for his children to follow. His children fly economy class while Ramsay and his wife sit in the business class. Not just this, the kids have a strict and limited pocket money allowance. They have to pay for their own phone bills and they travel in a bus.

Gordan Ramsay said, that his parenting style keeps the kids grounded. every parent should teach their children the value of money and hard work. According to Ramsay his children haven’t worked hard enough to afford the influence.

An inspiring parent he is!



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