5 Muslim Paradise Islands Where halal food is available

Who wouldn’t prefer to take a long and relieving  escape by the sea? Those lethargic evenings spent respecting the view, long walks around the delightful shorelines with a stunning points of view – essentially despite thinking of it as makes us want to go right now! Regardless, the scrape for Muslims is the constant look-out for halal food while vacationing in foreign places.

Fortunately there are such heaven islands you dont know about, comprising of a Muslim majority and with without difficulty available nearby halal meal objects. Doesn’t that sound good to your ears?

So here are the 5 Muslim paradise islands you can visit easily without the fear of not getting halal food!


Cocos islands are a piece of Australia yet shockingly their mother language is Malay and English. They were settled by Alexander Hare who was Englishman, in 1862. However, It is stated that Cocos Island honestly was a popular hideout spot for pirates in historical times. Cocos Island is called Isla del Coco in the local tongue of Costa Rica. The island is totally encompassed by profound water with ‘counter streams’. The counter streams is a surface current which is driven by solid winds towards the eastern directions. These streams are local to the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Another purpose behind the popularity of Cocos Island is a result of the extensive variety of sea life show in the encompassing waters. Scuba divers enthusiastically visit the area by foot and at the same time as diving to gain from this remarkable naturally blessed place referred to as Cocos Island. There are many big species found in the waters of Cocos Island, for instance hammerhead sharks, diverse types of beams and dolphins alongside a few sorts of whales. 80% of the population in Cocos Islands are Muslims and total population are best about 600.

2. Lomboc, Indonesia:

Lomboc is essentially known as the island of 1000 mosques. It is due to the fact there may be a mosque almost in every corner.. Lomboc has the absolute most astonishing coral reefs because many small cities of the island are occasionally visited by the visitors. This island is additionally exceptionally famous for it’s alcohol free mocktails. So in the event that you’ve to delight your halal desires, Lomboc is simply the proper location for you.


Maldives is quite a well-known place. It has 26 little islands in itself. Around twelfth century, Maldives changed over to Islam from Buddhism. It is likewise known for it’s beautiful mosques and the way each shop closes after Azaan so that the shopkeepers can also pray on time.


98.9% of the population in Zanzibar are Muslims. Islam risen in Tanzania with the entry of the Arab slaves merchants. Ladies as a rule go fishing in bright garments and returned with a pot brimming with little fishes they got.


Despite the fact that it rains for continuous nine months in Langkawi yet the food there is known for its deliciousness. Langkawi has probably the most mouth-watering neighborhood and global food places! Another of it’s in addition to point is that Langwaki is a duty free island. So you can shop gifts all you need for your family and companions.


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