5 Strange Tips That Can Actually Help You Become More Beautiful :)

Almost every where on internet everyone being a makeup blogger giving “mind blowing advises” and to be honest most of them are a total flop to me.
so I decided to go on a search hunt and find out some tips that can actually help you guys to attain your goals of looking beautiful and that actually really works.

 1) Use baby powder to create a false eyelashes effect:

  • First coat your eyelashes with a single layer of mascara.
  • Get a Q-tip, and apply baby powder onto your eyelashes.
  • Apply another layer of mascara onto your lashes. WOW! You are done!
    A simple and inexpensive solution for achieving a false eyelashes effect!

2) Use concealer to create a new lip outline:





If you got that blurred lip outline or if your lips appear too narrow to wear dark lipsticks, do not worry. You can easily rectify the situation by means of a concealer.

  • Trace your lip outline with a concealer, “erasing” the natural contours, and then      do the shading.
  • When the concealer dries up, take a bright pencil and draw a new lip contour, slightly overstepping the natural one. Try not to make your lips look too large.

3) Use mayonnaise instead of a hair conditioner:

 In order to get the desired output mix mayonnaise with olive oil, apply the solution to your hair leave it for 20 mins, and then wash it off. “Get ready to see the magic”

4) Use activated charcoal to whiten your teeth:

  • Take a tablet of activated charcoal, and add 5 drops of water. Knead the resulting mass to get rid of lumps.
  • Apply the mass onto your toothbrush, and brush your teeth.
  • This treatment should only be applied twice a month. If you do it more frequently, you may cause your teeth to become excessively sensitive!

5) Use lip balm instead of a highlighter:

Though I have that thing for highlighters so I would suggest you to invest heavy to get a good highlighter to have that Omg look but you never know when hard time strikes where mostly Girls often don’t hurry to buy a highlighter, preferring to use other types of cosmetics instead. Indeed, things like shimmer shadows can cope with the task just as efficiently. The same goes for another ubiquitous makeup box “resident”: the lip balm. Its only drawback is its stickiness! otherwise it knows its job.


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