5 Workout Routines for Beginners in Ramazan

By: Fabeeha Farooq

2020 was not a good one for everyone. We all are acquainted with the pandemic situation and how it has affected our mental and physical health. Knowing that one cannot stair out of the quarantine very easily, we all should be obliged ourselves to a healthy routine workout comprising of a lesser amount of options and should be on our go!.

Everyone knows the payback of a good daily workout to optimize our healthiness. But with a sea of choices and never-ending information, it’s quite uneasy for us to choose the best fit for ourselves. But not to be troubled, you have got our back!

Stick To The Basics without Making A It Hassle

Following are the 10 simplest exercises for you to put into practice and make your body well-built for the rest of your life!

  1. Lunges.

Keeping your body well rounded and inform, lungs are the best fit for your legs and gluts. They boost the body strength, furnishing every inch like a pearl!


  1. Pushups

The bona fide muscular works out along with lungs are pushups. One of the most basic yet effective workouts is the pushup. It won’t be trouble-free at the first stance, but once you maintain this posture for a long time, you will be at your limits benefitting from every muscle giving you wings!


  1. Squats

Squats help increasing core strength and assist you to maintain a good physical balance. Since they engage some of the biggest muscles in the body, they reduce calories like magic!


  1. Burpees

Burpees are the most constructive whole body move we all be keen on to hate! In addition, Burpees are most effective if we talk about providing an immense bound your back muscles and cardiovascular endurance.


  1. Planks

 Planks are a wholesome package of losing the abdominal fat as well as giving a good fit to your body structure. They help to stabilize your core body, resting it both straight and sideways.



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