The 60 second drug-less treatment

The 60 second drug-less treatment

By: Wajiha Tamseel

The ancient Japanese medicine says that, each finger is connected to an organ in the body. They announced the magic treatment. The treatment is called, ‘JIN SHIN JYUTSU‘ it is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It focuses on 26 centers of energy that end at the finger and toes and every center have their own is very effective in the treatment of pain and body stiffness.

  • The little finger is associated with the kidneys,even with the pain,in the neck muscles and migraine. Rub your little finger & soon you will feel a great relief!
  • The ring finger has a powerful influence on moods, rub it & you will quickly feel a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • When you will rub your index finger, you will be feel free from colon and stomach problems.
  • When you will stretch &rub your middle finger, you will feel your -self relax from heart problems.
  • And your thumb is connected with your lungs,so rub your thumb for palpitation issues.

The 60 second drug-less treatment

The treatment of the five fingers are only for 60 seconds; it helps in the smooth functioning of the body & enhances over all health!


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