Reasons why you should stop eating meat immediately!

Still putting together meals while adhering to the old custom of having “meat and two veg”? New research shows that more than one in four people are now favouring a vegetarian lifestyle.

Some 28 per cent of meat-eating people have reduced their meat consumption in the last six months, a new report by industry analysts Mintel claims, with 14 per cent expressing interest in limiting meat and poultry in their diets in the future.

The decrease in meat eating is particularly seen amongst young people, with 19 per cent of those under 25 saying that they do not eat red meat or poultry. This rose to 25 per cent for women in this age group. It is a trend that is  being felt by supermarkets too.

So why the sudden change in tune?

Animal welfare

The poor farming conditions and mistreatment of animals across the world has been well documented by popular films and made people aware about the fact that how brutally animals are being treated and then served to humans.

Health concerns

Vegetarians might have been motivated by an interest in animal welfare, many of the avocado obsessed today are reducing their meat intake purely out of health concerns, with 49 per cent acknowledging that too much meat might be bad for their health. Studies have shown that meat-eaters are more susceptible to heart disease.

Weight management

As a recent study showed that a vegetarian diet is twice as effective for weightless as meat driven mealplans.

Health food bloggers

The rise in online health food gurus in popular culture is more influential than you might think, with 16 per cent of people admitting that plant based bloggers have impacted their decision to avoid meat products. “Following a meat-free diet is likely to be aspirational to many consumers and social media is playing an important role in the attraction of this”.


Everyone knows that a box of eggs is cheaper than a fillet steak, so it’s unsurprising that some people particularly young ones, are simply avoiding meat as a matter of cost effectiveness. “I never buy meat at home, but if I’m out at a restaurant I might have a burger or another meaty dish, and a lot of my friends are the same. I know I’m saving money by not buying meat but that isn’t the main reason for me nor is the environment, even though I’m pleased with that positive side too – I simply find it easier to cook vegetarian dishes and I really enjoy them. There are so many great vegetarian recipes around these days that I feel spoilt for choice and they are so delicious,” Explained lica through an research conducted over it.

So what have you decided then?


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