5 signs you should end the relationship!

Sensitivity is one area of our nature which becomes most evident in our relationships. but there is no hard and fast rule to follow up. No one can help you choose between being together, being yourself, being the victim, or being happy. It’s only you who can decide whether to end a relationship or fight for it.
Following are the 5 signs of a dead-end relationship. If you can relate to any of these, end it as soon as possible!!

1) You can’t be yourself when you’re with your partner:
If you are with the “right” guy you definitely don’t have to pretend or fake anything. you should be YOU! You can be foolish, lame and clumsy and not feel guilty about it.
If in your relationship you have to turn to your acting skills too often, you deprive yourself of the experience of being authentic, which holds you back from developing your relationship.

2) You partner is too controlling:

If he monitors your, social media, over your friends and being too too possessive that wants you to share and discuss each and everything with him, then trust me he is only pretending to love and care for you. In fact, they take total control over your life in the form of emotional abuse and invade your personal space. This is unacceptable in a relationship.

3) You live in isolation:

Your loved one is trying to isolate you from your friends and family, where he enjoys with his friends whole night and forbids you from using your phone or car, or maybe even prevents you from finding a good job? Those are relationship red flags. You better take it as a red alert.

4)Your partner always underestimates you and your achievements:

It’s time for you to leave if you often hear from your partner that you’re just an ordinary person with so-so achievements. They’re trying to convince you that no one will ever appreciate you, but the worst thing is that you start to believe it’s true. It’s your partner who needs help, not you! That simply means he can’t accept the fact that you are doing good and he doesn’t want you to earn good than him. He wants to be the dominant one in every aspect.

5) Your partner always tries to make you feel guilty:
Your partner always tries to put the blame on you for what’s going on with your relationship. “IT’S YOUR FAULT” is only what you get to listen when ending up into a fight with each other. As a result, you often feel like you have to explain something, although you shouldn’t. why justify yourself when you are not at fault?

Moreover If your partner gets angry easily, especially when the situation isn’t that stressful, such relationships can be dangerous too.You allow people to treat you the way they do. Your energy, confidence and attitude is the currency that others will transact with. I know many women who have settled for less, and simply “accepted” cards dealt because deep inside, they don’t believe they deserve more. I’m sure you know of someone who seems to have it all together in their life, but when it come to relationships, they just can’t seem to shake the habit of dating douche bags and douchettes.

BE the one!

You need to know your worth and don’t settle for less, trust me you are more important than you think! (:



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