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8 things we want you to know about Careem in 2020

As the world was and is still suffering under the pandemic, it surely boost one medium greatly – the digital media. However, with so much happening while in quarantine, 2020 became yet another year for Pakistan to getting us closer to becoming a digitized economy. With such drastic changes and rising growth of digital demand, Pakistanis are now more confident to interact with technology that simplifies and improves their lives now than ever before.

Likewise, we conducted a little research and found out the impact Careem had on our digital ecosystem, whilst continuing to support the local economy and our communities.

So, as we all embrace the new normal before diving into 2021- let’s have a look at what Careem had for us in the year 2020:

1) Super App…Does it come with a cape?

How can one forget the transformation of Careem into an all new Super App similar to the Far East like WeChat, Grab and the like. With the effects of the pandemic on every other organisation, Careem also faced crucial challenges but quickly stepped back into its game and made sure in continuing to simplify our lives in a changed reality with new and different needs to cater for. 

Careem now offers not only ride hailing services but much more, all under one roof, that which include; delivery, food orders and is now working onto becoming a leading payment gateway for its customers. 

However, we cannot forget to mention the true heroes who deserve the cape – The Captains, who tirelessly worked day and night on the frontlines whilst the pandemic hit the country and still fight daily only to make sure our lives are easier in commuting. 

2) WFH Forever…Really?

Did you know that Careem is the first company in Pakistan to become ‘Remote – First’ permanently? In simpler words, all Careem employees will be working from home permanently, gaining a great deal of flexibility to juggle priorities at home and work at the same time. This decision came about after the pandemic forced a lockdown throughout the world. The company saw exponential growth and productivity by employees as well as better relations with colleagues across Careem’s 13 markets. 

3) Fun Facts about Captains and Customers

We personally love fun facts, cause who doesn’t. Here are some crazy facts you never knew about Careem, it’s customers and captains. 

Careem has reached a count of more than 40,000 Captains with 5 stars ratings and over 1.5 million customers with 5 stars ratings.
Careem registered approx. 100,000 new Captains in 2020, bringing the company across the line from 500,000+ to 600,000+.
Even amidst the pandemic, customers took around 4 million trips to airports across Pakistan.
During the pandemic, Careem distributed free sanitizers and masks to all active captains across Pakistan, which they still use to ensure safe travel standards. 

4) Pakistanis have a big heart

Pakistan is ranked as the second most polite country “Careem operates in, having  the biggest amount of ‘please’ & ‘thank you’ when ordering food. Whereas, the UAE is ranked in first position. 

Not only that, but Pakistan also ranks in second place in making the largest donations worth PKR 7,166,140 in 2020 that of which the majority went into TCF and WWF. 

Well talking about digital networking one has to make use of emojis, so here’s a fun fact, the “most used emojis” on social media for Careem were: ????530K, ????90K, ???? 85K

5) Lost and Found during Careem Rides

We Pakistanis are always in a rush and there’s surely no denying that. Riding in Careem and not forgetting anything behind is surely a talent in itself; in fact it was recorded that sunglasses, keys and mobile phones were the most frequently lost items in 2020. 

The most unique lost and found item of 2020 was a baby tooth wrapped in a napkin for the tooth fairy…really!!! But no worries, that too got returned to a very happy customer and owner of the tooth. 

6) It’s Pizza…not Burger or Biryani!

Food is everything for us Pakistanis and what more can we ask for than a plate of BIRYANI? Well, you wouldn’t believe and it surely took us by surprise as well, but the most frequently ordered food via the Careem Super App in 2020 was Pizza!  

7) Customer always comes First

As the ride hailing app enlarged its sphere of services, so did its interactions with customers. On an average Careem’s Customer service team had around 11,000 interactions with Customers per day in 2020. But as we all must have experienced it ourselves, Careem never fails to leave its customers holding long with over 400 caring employees looking after us 24/7.


8) Abb Digitalize Hoga Pakistan!

With a goal of becoming a leading payment gateway, Careem began with strong numbers as Careem Pay (Wallet) showed the highest number of peer-to-peer transactions and mobile recharge in Pakistan across all 13 Careem markets. Not only that, but Careem’s mobile top-ups/credit transactions via wallet services showed double digital growth this year. Moreover, the app recovered ground breaking numbers with over 60 Million transactions on Careem PAY in 2020 globally; with over 5 Million times were the Reward Points converted into credit in the Careem Wallet. Talk about numbers! 

From a simple ride hailing application to an all new Super App, Careem has lived to prove itself even in the toughest times of the pandemic and we as customers couldn’t have asked for more! 

Additionally, Careem does not fail to astonish us with its marketing tactics and has once again done the same. As it is the last day of 2020, Careem has released yet another video which is not only relatable but also quite touching, have a look for yourself.

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