A Journey Of My Life


A Journey Of My Life

Let talk about a journey that I experienced in my life.
Once we were having our summer vacations in our home, totally bored. So we decided to go for a small trip so that we can spend our precious outside our home with family.
Nowadays when we have our mobile phone in our hands we are not able to give proper time to our family. So these trips were the only reason to spend precious time with our family.

So the journey started from our home in our car.
First, we went outside from our town to a small village. Where we reached the scorching heat around 2 o clock in the afternoon. And then we booked a small hut so that we can get fresh and after getting a good shower we had our lunch. until then it was the golden time when there was no sun. We discovered new places had some great food over there. Then we went to our hut spent the night over there and then came to our home the next day. It was a small journey but the main reason for that was to spend some quality time with our family. And the reason why we went to a small village was that there were no signals for cellphones so we were totally out of the digital world.

this was a small journey that I experienced in my life. as now we can not experience this kind of experience due to covid-19 but we can recall the old ones and make ourselves feel good.

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