A Man Arrested For Making Peshawari Sandals For Shah Rukh Khan

While speaking to the media, Noor Jehan, Shahrukh Khan’s cousin who happens to live in Peshawar, on his special request, approached this Pakistani shoemaker ‘Jehangir Khan’ and asked him to make two pairs of Peshawari sandals.

That shoemaker turned out to be a huge fan of Shahrukh Khan, so when he was asked for such a request, he decided to make special Peshawari chappals from orignal deer skin.


As he was so excited and happy, the shoemaker told media that he will be sending those special sandals “made out of deer skin” to Shahrukh Khan. However, when the news broke, wildlife officials arrested ‘Jehangir’, the police further interrogated him, as how did Jahangir get deer skin and who else is involved in this illegal activity.

Addition to this, they also took the sandals with them. The poor soul was put behind bars before his sandals could be delivered to him.

Noor Jehan said that when she spoke to Shahrukh Khan, he specifically told her to come with the Peshawari chappals whenever she comes to visit India.

This is not the first time she’s giving locally designed sandals to Shahrukh Khan, she used to gift him peshawari sandals since quite a long time.


It took whole month to design this masterpiece, said Jahangir, who has a long history of making Peshawari sandals for well-known Pakistani celebrities and politicians.

Sandals from Jahangir’s shop in Peshawar are also frequently exported on special demands to other parts of the world, including England, Dubai and Australia.






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