A Road Trip Across Pakistan: Part 3

You must’ve realized by now that Pakistan is an absolute work of art on God’s part. The fact that we need a part three to cover just the top places shows Pakistan has endless beauty to reveal to us. We need to keep searching and experiencing all that our beautiful country has to offer. In Part 2 we covered all the one night trips that you can make from the capital city Islamabad. Now we’re going to move on to the real adventure, the places that are an experience of a lifetime. The landscapes and tourist spots that we’ll overview in this part are what made Pakistan the number one tourist destination in the world for 2020. Below mentioned are some of the most beautiful places in Pakistan that you definitely visit by road!

Hunza Valley


When we talk about the most breathtaking places in Pakistan, Hunza is top of that list. Hunza is a collection of many small villages and valleys which make up the massive district. It has some of the most beautiful sceneries in Pakistan and is among the top most beautiful places in the world as well. It is safe to say that Hunza Valley is nothing less than heaven on Earth. The landscapes, the lakes, and the heritage is absolutely stunning. The direct journey from Islamabad to Hunza is about 320km which can be covered in around 11 hours.

Let’s talk about some of the most beautiful places in Hunza Valley


The Passu Cones are one of the most distinguishable landscapes of Hunza, with the cone shaped peaks visible from far away. The best view of the Passu cones is from the Karakoram highway, an hour’s journey from Gilgit City. You have to experience this mesmerizing drive at least once in a lifetime. Attabad Lake came into existence in 2010 due to the occurrence of a massive landslide. Blockage of the Hunza River caused the formation of one of the most surreal places in Pakistan. The water has a bright turquoise tinge, coupled with the hills, making it a work of art. And lastly If you want to watch one of the finest sunsets In Pakistan, head over to eagle’s nest at golden hour and witness it.

Fairy Meadows


Fairy Meadows is another one of Pakistan’s picturesque landscapes. It offers a stunning view of the 9th highest peak in the world, Nanga Parbat. The journey to Fairy Meadows is comparatively difficult but it’s completely worth it. It starts off with a special jeep ride across a super dangerous road, probably one of the most dangerous roads in the world. The adventure and excitement is unparalleled. Now starts the actual difficult journey. You’ll have to cover a 5-kilometer trek in the mountainous area to reach your gorgeous destination. Once you reach you can either take your own camping equipment and step up a camp in the stars or rent a campsite.



This one is for all the people who love trekking. The Rakaposhi Base Camp Trek is one of the most exciting treks in Pakistan which leads to the sighting of the insane Rakaposhi. This trek starts at the Minapin Village and will take amateur trekkers around 5-6 hours to reach to the top. Camping here will a one of a kind experience for first timers. The time to trek back is much quicker than the trip upwards, and a one day trip could be made to the Rakaposhi Base Camp.

Naltar Valley


Naltar Valley is part of the Gilgit Baltistan District and is known for its rich forests, crystal clear lakes, and most importantly Skiing facilities in the winter. So, for those who’ve always wanted to ski, their dreams can come true at Naltar Valley. The skiing resorts are of great quality and can give a sublime skiing experience. Accommodation in this area is great so tourist have nothing to worry about.


There are so many places in Pakistan that are still left out of this list but we’ll leave them for another part. Here are my personal favorite places in Pakistan out of which some I’ve visited and others being on my bucket list. Our country is a hidden gem which we need to show to the world. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit hard and due to travel restrictions, the world couldn’t get a chance to witness the glory of Pakistan. let’s start by exploring our home nation as much as we can to grasp its beauty.


Salman Masood

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