Aamir Khan Will Be Romancing With Deepika Padukone

Well it’s actually happening. The Gorgeous Deepika Padukone and everyone’s favorite Aamir Khan will be working together in Aditya Chopra’s THUG.

Deepika Padukone is the lead contender for Thug, while first the lead role was given to Hrithik Roshan but then he dropped off the project due to script issues. The director then narrated the film to Aamir Khan and he liked it, now that Aamir Khan has liked the initial draft, the character is being re written according to his image.

Apart from Deepika and Aamir, the Legendary Actor Amitabh Bachan will also share screen space in this film.


I’m sure you all would love to see these three major actors in one frame! The release date of ‘Thug’ has not been disclosed yet. The shooting of Thug is expected to start after the release of Aamir Khan’s Dangal. The film will release in 2018. We’ll update you as soon as we get any other information regarding the film.


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