It was Abdul Sattar Edhi who brought Qandeel Baloch back home

Aakhir khandan ki izzat ka sawal tha

Qandeel Baloch was one who did what she wanted to do.The news broke the internet on Saturday July 16th 2016 when Qandeel Baloch was found dead in her apartment in Multan, killed by his brother.

She was killed by his brother in the name of honour as he was threatening her to stop working as a model and also asked her to take down the vulgar images and videos from the internet.

People may remember her from her viral clips on social media, her quirky outfits but there is a lot more that they don’t know.

According to sources, Qandeel was 12 years when she accidently came to Multan instead of DG Khan and was brought back home by Abdul Sattar Edhi.

She sat on the wagon without confirming which one it was, whether it was going to DG Khan or Multan. She just sat down and kept going which later took her to Edhi Home.

It was Abdul Sattar Edhi who brought her home all the way. He even stayed with Qandeel’s family, in their thatched room.

Qandeel was both a product and a reflection of the precarious state of Pakistan today, where neither liberalism nor conservatism has definitively ousted the other, where women are increasingly visible in the public eye yet are also still murdered with casual nonchalance, where fame may buy you social mobility, but only if you play by the rules of the privileged class.

I don’t think Qandeel herself was clear on who she was, what exactly she wanted to represent. Qandeel had only just begun. She had a long way to go, and if she hadn’t been killed for honour, I have no doubt that she would’ve gone very far.

Edhi Saab and Qandeel passed away in 2016, a week apart. Qandeel’s body was transported by Edhi Saab’s ambulance team.


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