Adnan Sami speaks in favour of India, gets grilled by Pakistanis instead!

Adnan Sami speaks in favour of India, gets grilled by Pakistanis once again!

Adnan Sami has sold his soul for fame in India, there is no doubt in that! This man has time and again proved that even the tiniest shred of love for this country has been wiped out of his heart. His loss, anyway! With the Snapchat drama brewing in India, Pakistanis naturally found joy on their reactions. While whole of India was busy bashing the app, Mr. Adnan was no exception and like always had his two cents on the matter.

But, it was just not his day. The ‘Indian’ singer had no idea that he would be announcing his Snapchat ban on Twitter, and Pakistanis would start feasting on his misery. He deserved all these trolls.

Finally, the truth has been told!

Undoubtedly, the troll of the day!

See? No one cares!

No matter how irrelevant, this stole the show! 😀

These people definitely lost their mind with excitement!

Bow down Tahir Shah!

Seeing all the fiasco on his tweet, Adnan Sami once again tried to push back by displaying his love for his new homeland India.

And, this wasn’t enough to portray his licking loyalty for India that he came up with some more venom for his former homeland – the land his father sacrificed his life for!

Seems though Adnan Sami has pledged his undying loyalty to India, and his allegiance with the land and soil he was born is no more. While we have no sentimental attachment with you Mr. Sami anyways, but we have never seen such a disgrace in our entire lives.


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