West is finally waking up to ‘Miswak’ & calling it a revolutionary ‘Raw Toothbrush’

West is finally waking up to 'Miswak' & calling it a revolutionary 'Raw Toothbrush'

Westerners may be developed in a lot of things, but when it comes to the matters that have already been cleared opened for the world to see by Islam, I must say that sorry man you people are dumb! These geniuses are finally waking up to a ‘new’ product that has already been provided thousands of years ago. Guess what? These people have just discovered Miswak and are calling it a raw tooth brush.

A not so genius at Czech company “Yoni” has finally discovered Miswak and is selling it with the tagline of “Revolutionary Toothbrush and Toothpaste Packet”. Here is the advertisement of Yoni with a hipster chewing on a twig, however, the better version would have been an elderly uncle in a dhoti, violently crushing that piece of Miswak. A natural scene we are accustomed to in Pakistan, and with some modifications all the countries around the world.

The company is dumb enough to offer a test tube carrier for the miswak and labelling it as one of their very own product discovery.

However, when it comes to social media, no one can protect itself from the wrath it can inflict on the ignorant. And here are some samples of what people had to offer as their opinion, after Yoni going proud on their new discovery. Cherry on top, it is being spent on quadrupled amount as compared to the one we are buying at.

You never know what new might they come up with. May be LOTA next time?

Good Morning!

White people and their web of misconceptions

A great re-discovery though!

Wake up West! We knew this thing since like around thousands of years ago and you are just realizing and terming it  as a “revolution”. Sure, this will spew some sense in you!


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