Adnan Sami’s statement regarding Islam is unacceptable!

Adnan Sami's statement regarding Islam is unacceptable!

Singer Adnan Sami has crossed all the limits now by starting a Twitter debate when he asked how can music be “haraam” according to Islam when US President Donald Trump could be seen dancing in Saudi Arabia with the country’s royalty.

Trump who is on an official tour of Saudi Arabia and can be seen participating in a traditional males-only sword dance.
Adnan shared a video of the dance on Twitter and started a discussion on this very sensitive topic.

He tweeted on Sunday: “Dear Muslim clerics, you all claim music is haram in Islam. This is Saudi Arabia. This is song and dance by its royalty! Where are your fatwas now?” He also wrote, “Ps — Oh yeah and Trump is in there too. You know, the one who came up with the Muslim travel ban.”


After posting this on Twitter, many people came forward and started bashing him for his stupid statement. One of the twitter follower wrote: “This is their traditional Arabic dance.” To which, Adnan replied: “Oh so that is okay then? It suddenly becomes ‘halal’? Selective convenience.”

Another user wrote: “Dear Sami Sabh, Saudia is not Islam. If you want to understand Islam, read Quran. You can find yourself… in Quran, music is haram.” To this, Adnan replied, “The surat or aayat in the Quran where it says ‘Music is haram’… Answer is nowhere!”

By replying to every individual’s statements Adnan Sami proved that he is not going to stop saying negative about Islam. This person is not even sorry for what he just wrote.

I just want to say one thing to him: To hell with Adnan Sami and his baseless statements! 


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