Aijaz Aslam disappointed with the lux style awards

Aijaz Aslam disappointed with the lux style awards

Aijaz Aslam is one of the big names in the entertainment industry and has a long list of successful dramas credited to his name.

According to sources, Aijaz Aslam was not even invited to Lux Style Awards that happened a few days back making us wonder why not?

”You know a lot of people asked me why I was not present at the Lux Style Awards, well the truth is that I was not invited”

“They invited the Turkish actors and many other people who are not even related to the field but forgot to invite many of our industry people which frankly I find very disappointing”

Recently renowned actress Saba Qamar boycotted LSA 2017, as she felt that the only reason she was now gaining attention was because of her Bollywood movie Hindi Medium. 

The truth is Aijaz Aslam does have a valid point because it is actors like him who helped shape up the industry over the years, and they surely deserve to be invited.


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