Alhamdullilah for all the hidden blessings!

Has any one of us ever realised that how privileged we are with billon and trillions of blessings from the time we wake up to the time we closes our eyes. There is a reason behind everything we get. Many things happen in a life, decisions, choices, events, all of which bring with them certain lessons and sometimes even blessings. Whatever we receive is planned and we need to remember this that something better is always waiting for us, no matter how long it takes.

We first of all are lucky that we are homosapiens. Human beings are blessed not only with the ability to see, hear and eat, but also to enjoy in every possible sense. This is our highest blessing. We make so many mistakes but blessings does not stop coming our ways and still we are not thankful. We have brains which works more than any other creature of the world.

Today, every single human being is living out of unhappiness, which is not acceptable. This, in spite of us having the power to live a life which we can never imagine; by nature, God has blessed us with an unbelievable, unimaginable life. But the sad fact is that you have created a world which has become unliveable for humans. It is okay if we are not living that unimaginable life, but it is not okay to live in a condition totally unfit for us and for the coming generations. Positivity plays are a very vital role in our lives. It gives us inspiration of living in so many ways but unfortunately we are not much aware of it.

Blessings come your way when you are determined, positive and stick to particular things with consistency. Few necessary things we always need to follow in life.

Another important thing is motivation that comes in every point of life and helps us learning more and more. In a daily life, people needs to learn these things in order to live a successful life because in the end life is beautifully complicated. There are so many fleeting moments of goodness, followed by chaos and change. I’m still learning how to accept the opposing sides, still learning how to move and flow like waves in the ocean. Sometimes I still fight the current. Sometimes I struggle just to keep my head afloat.

But if I’ve learned one thing in living by the Pacific is that you can’t fight what’s far bigger than you. Sometimes you are thrown by the waves, gasping for breath with the salt water stinging your eyes. And sometimes you go with the movement, fluid and steady.

And neither of these places are perfect, because even the ocean is unpredictable. Yet this is what makes life so wonderful the unknown, the trust, the continuance. The knowing that even when you forget how to swim, you can float. And find your rhythm right there deep breaths, body still, the white foam like a pillow underneath you.


Aleena Salman

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