Ali Zafar is all set to make his Pakistani Film Debut

Ali Zafar debut pakistani movie

As Indian content has been banned by the cinema owner of Pakistan. Some of the film makers of  Pakistan are speeding up to finish their projects while others are announcing new projects. Last week, Shoaib Mansoor, announced his new film with Mahira Khan. And now, Ahsan Rahim, announced his first debut movie with heart-throb Ali Zafar. Ahsan Rahim is a well-known name in the field of direction, he has directed many music videos and popular U-fone ads.

Ali Zafar debut pakistani movie

The genre of the movie is action-comedy and will be released by the end of next year. Auditions for the leading lady with Ali Zafar are in the process and it is still not finalized who will be that lucky lady.

We wish Ahsan Rahim and Ali Zafar good luck for their upcoming project and we are sure it is going to be an exciting film.


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