Ali Zafar has something to say about ‘Teefa in Trouble’

I never shifted my base to India - Ali Zafar

The rebirth of cinema has pushed many actors to reinvent themselves. But with internal and external factors, many of them failed to deliver, what they’re being asked for.

However, few of them are able to reinvent themselves completely, out of the necessity, while some actors like Ali Zafar, who does it purely out of passion.

Singer turned actor, Ali Zafar penned down his surreal experience of working with an exceptional crew in a heartfelt note as he thanked everyone involved in the movie.

He wrote, “70 days went by like a dream. Memories printed on my mind. Moments embellished into memory. It’s hard to explain, harder to understand. What it means as an artist when a single and simple thought, transforms in to an elaborate piece such as a full-fledged feature film.”

“I’d heard that making a film makes you learn about life, relationships and friends more than you can expect. Indeed, that stands true,” he added.

Thanking his crew, the Kill Dill star asserted, “What a splendid journey it has been. I have no words to thank everyone who made this happen. Worked day and night and put in more than their heart and soul into making it a spectacle to be experienced with joy and love for a long time.”

“Congratulations, guys! We did it!” he concluded.

Words fall short to express. #teefaintrouble the experience. #TNT

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