All the hits and misses of QHBCW- 14th edition

Yet another fashion week ends with a fashionistic future ahead!

HUM television network has always made a mark after every project they do; be it a drama or a fashion event. The 14th edition of Bridal Couture Week happened in Karachi; the three day fashionable event was an example in itself that HUM TV will never stop providing sheer entertainment to its audience.

When we talk about BCW and HUM TV, not to forget we talk about uber perfection. Organizing such a huge event is not an easy task; in fact, it takes a lot of courage and determination to pull off a three-day event and to bare the constant pressure of bloggers, celebrities and journalists regarding front row seats and what not. Of course, it is impossible to accommodate everyone at the same time, but HUM PR has always made arrangements in such a way that none of the media personnel gets upset.

Talking about the grandeur of the event, no one can compete with HUM TV. The perfect lighting on the red-carpet and luxurious lounges are an example of how the organization respects its sponsors. We spotted everyone but very few celebrities on the red-carpet, maybe they all were busy prepping backstage for their walk. Runway could have been much better as we have witnessed much bigger and better runways in the past few shows.

Slice Lounge at the Red Carpet of QHBCW

BCW redcarpet

Flower Decor at the Red Carpet of QHBCW

BCW redcarpet

Q-Mobile Lounge

BCW redcarpet

Beautiful decor at the Red Carpet of QHBCW

BCW redcarpet

Of course, the show can never start on time until the guests arrive. Hence, we faced a delay on day one as most of the media was stuck due to the sit-in of a political party. But the two days went pretty smooth (even the slippery ramp). Some veteran and well known designers showcased their trendy bridals – some wearable and some argh…

Day 1 was opened by Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan, few of the pieces were absolutely beautiful and we would definitely get our hands on them. Yasmin Zaman’s Jashan-e-Bahar was a perfect welcome to the season spring, but aren’t we already done with spring? Well never mind, who doesn’t love to flaunt vibrant colors. Show one was a bit too disappointing for men but then it was a ‘bridal’ week – makes sense? While show 2 was much better and we restored our faith over good male fashionable clothes. What to say about HSY, king of couture once again proved to be the king, but we were expecting some more drama on the ramp as he was closing the show.

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Day 2 started off really well, we loved what Neelum Muneer wore for Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram – The ‘Mahi Way’ girl set the ramp on fire. She should have opened the show instead of Sanam Chaudhry (no offense to her) but she was a bit confused while Neelum rocked it. On the other hand Mansoor Akram’s men’s collection was simple and wearable. Faika Karim was a bit too much; we wished it was simpler and not complex. Umsha came as a surprise package with the whole Chalay Thay Saath cast, though Syra could have looked even prettier if she wasn’t wearing such heavy jewelry. Fahad Husayn’s Dara Shikoh Aur Sunehri Churail was surely a hit as the designer showcased some amazing trends and colors. Uhm the classic red segment should have been shifted to day 3 – as comparatively it was much bigger and grander than day three’s finale, but then a good cause should get a good position too.

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Day 3 was an impressive and a great feat of talent especially the Qmobile light show, which mesmerized the audience with some amazing dance moves and the music which hogged the limelight from both days. It would be unfair not to mention Nickie’Nina and the tribute they paid to Junaid Jamshed, but we didn’t understand why they opened the segment with Nazia Hassan’s songs. But who doesn’t love Nazia Hassan? It moved the whole crowd. The collection was as amazing as the duo with versatility and dynamics stitched into every piece. Show one was opened by Asifa and Nabeel and it was a kick-ass start to the day and was followed by Annus Abrar and Emraan Rajput, whose collection definitely surprised us all as most of the pieces were feasible to wear, the color palette that he chose was daring the conventional colors. Sonya Battla closed day 3 with a special cause meant for Dar-ul-Sukoon. Each and every piece was hand-embroidered and was a testament of the extreme hard work put in.

The 14th edition of QHBCW could have been much better as the collections of some designers were not up to the mark and pace of the show was monotonous. But now we look forward to the next season (15th edition of BCW) as promised by Sultana Siddiqui, President HUM Network – a bigger and grander fashion future that lies ahead.

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