Alternate Ways To Use Hand Sanitizer.

Lady applying a moisturizing hand sanitizer to dry hands


Ever wondered of experimenting with your Hand Sanitizer?  Yes! Exactly. It can be used in different manner as well.


Shine your Phone’s screen:


Trust me if you have a dirty phone and has scratches on your screen use a tiny bit of sanitizer and rub it gently with a piece of cloth and you will get the shine back!


Helps removing the stain:



Accidentally got Oil stain on your dress? Well don’t worry use the sanitizer to remove the stain from your clothes.


Pimple treatment:

An adolescent boy pointing at a pimple on his chin and grimacing

Acne problem? Use a drop of sanitizer on your pimple and leave it for few hours.


Sunglasses cleaner:


Got scratches on your sunglasses? Use the sanitizer and wash your glasses with warm water.


Nail paint remover:


Sanitizers have alcohol  which helps to remove the nail paint.


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