Am I not beautiful the way I am? – An ordinary young girl!

Am I not beautiful the way I am? – An ordinary young girl!

Tumhara rang kitna kaala hy, tumhari height kitni choti hy, tum kitni moti ho, you are not well behaved, tumhara affair chal raha hy? You can’t do this! Any objections that we all grew up listening this? Sometimes it is you who is the victim, sometimes it is someone around you. But it is always a girl. Why??

Is there anything, which is incomplete within us? Are we imperfect to the core? But who is perfect on this earth? Allah is the one who created me, you, and every one of us. But this world full of judgmental people will do their job with full responsibility and they will never get tired of it.

It is YOU who will take a stand for your own self by telling yourself that you are beautiful. You are never too short or tall, it all depends on how confidently you carry yourself. Your body is beautiful. It will change, get moody but will always give you lots of chances to live your life fully. Your skin colour is not a shade card that decides your happiness. When you will grow up, people will say you are not a well behaved girl. Ask them to first define “well-behaved”, or even “Girl”. Break rules and live those amazing moments. Break away from your fears and do something that scares you the most. But, the most important thing is that:

Never stop believing that you are beautiful!


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