America Ferrera’s short blond bob against Donald Trump will give you hair goals!

America Ferrera's short blond bob against Donald Trump will give you hair goals!

America Ferrera of “Ugly Betty” fame, has been talk of the town, for a long time. From her comments against body shaming to her cameo in pro-Hillary Clinton song, America find her ways to make it to the news.

This time around, the Emmy-winning actress has exhibited her new haircut in a way which will leave you desiring for the same look. America Ferrera showed off her new haircut; which is a short bob with blond highlights.

Ferrera has taken this new haircut, after long, because of Donald Trump who is under fire for his racist and misogynist remarks. She started the hashtag #MakeAmericaFerreraAgain on Twitter, with a philosophy that every American individual has a right to own his/ her past and do what he or she desires. In an interview she stated;

“It’s funny because it’s a play on the slogan ‘Make America Great Again,’ which is very vague, and who know what he means by that. I started getting tweets and comments with #MakeAmericaFerreraAgain, and I was like, what does that mean? What it means to me, especially now in this election season, is to make this election personal to you, make politics personal to you. For me, it’s about engagement, it’s about caring, it’s about daring to get invested in this election process and in the issues that impact your life.”

So, do you agree with Ferrera that the personal choices are a way to make America great again?


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