Amir Khan from fat to fit

Staying in shape is hard enough, but when things go off the rails, there is only one solution to the problem; ditching the weight.

It should come as no surprise that the actor Amir Khan just went through a body transformation for his forthcoming film, Dangal. He says, “It was one of the most dramatic ones in his career.”

Amir stated; “Though I went through body building to get a certain look for my film, this (Dangal) one was one of the most dramatic body transformations so far. The film has two phases. For one part, I had to put on weight. So, I weighed 96 kgs with 38 percent body fat and that I had to reduce to 9 percent body fat within five months. That was a huge task.”

He added: “I would like to mention that putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. I did it for my film under the supervision of experts, but it is very unhealthy for any regular person.”

Mr. Perfectionist has given us a serious fitness goal, so if you have an ultimate fitness goal he is the person you should look forward to. Amir Khan has put his health and life through such hardship, all for his passion. Aamir Khan’s physical transformation for his upcoming movie has been too extreme; his overall journey of 98 kgs is not for the faint hearted.

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