Amir Liaquat gets slammed by these two Pakistani celebrities

Amir Liaquat gets slammed by these two Pakistani celebrities

From leaked videos to hate speech, Amir Liaqat never leaves any chance to stay in the limelight; but never for good reasons.

The TV anchor rose to ‘fame’ yet once again after a video of him and Meera Jee went viral on social media.

Being one of Pakistan’s most popular television personalities, Amir Liaqat, earlier this week, invited Meera Jee to his show, where he insulted and made fun of her by asking her silly and most stupid questions. He didn’t leave any opportunity to dig out dirt at her and portrayed the whole thing as the source of entertainment to the audience.

However, this video of Amir Liaqat with Meera became quite controversial within no time and therefore, whole nation seemed pretty disturbed by the conversation between the two of them.

Reacting to the video, few Pakistani celebrities including Sharmeen Obaid and Momina Mustehsan seemed pretty upset and unhappy, came forward and spoke against the it.

Sharmeen Obaid took to twitter and questions about why Amir Liaqat is still allowed to be on air:

Where as on the other hand, Momina Mustehsan wrote:

The anchor was once even turned into a meme, with things like ‘Ghalib film dekhi hai aapnay’ or ‘Aam khaye ga Aamga?’ written on the pictures.

Despite all the ongoing controversies, Amir Liaquat has never failed in getting the attention he seeks. He never cares what anybody says, and continues doing what he think is right.


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