An open letter to a girl who’s brave even when she has every right to break down into pieces

An open letter to a girl who's brave even when she has every right to break down into pieces

Dear beautiful,

It is not an open letter to any unknown person. It is for you, me and every other girl who just don’t pretend to be strong but she really is. Life was just not at all fair to you many times, and it will never be. This was the truth I always wanted you to understand. I must say, you have handled it bravely and I want you to stay strong in the days to come as well.

People say that men are born to face hard and tough time but who believed in you? Who appreciated you when you face the things which everyone tells you to hide because you are a girl? I am sorry that I am taking you back to all those bitter days and making you recall them.

When you were 5 years old you used to cry when fall down and have a little scratch, but today you hide your biggest scars from your own self. You have grown stronger beautifully, you have reached so far. And there’s still much more to face and more than that to achieve. Circumstances may drag you into difficulties, but never stop believing in yourself. Have faith in you, this trust in your own self makes you unique. And because of this uniqueness you have seen some amazing days in your life, and achieved what you always deserve.

But you will also have to stay committed in future and keep moving just like you did earlier. So many things will come, so many hurdles and hard stuff, but I trust, you will cross everything bravely.

Just remember one thing nobody can break you until you don’t want. NEVER NEVER & NEVER give up on your dreams even when life gives you so many reasons to break down into pieces, never forget that you are an inspiration to your own self. Always keep smiling!

Inner Voice!

FHM Pakistan

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