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Angelina Jolie is furious as Brad Pitt falls for this Hollywood actress

Angelina Jolie is furious as Brad Pitt falls for this Hollywood actress

According to latest updates, the superstar Brad Pitt has finally fallen for yet another Hollywood actress, Ella Purnell (21), which apparently has gotten Angelina Jolie a little too furious.

The entire situation revolves around the awkward reality that little Miss Ella seems to look a lot like ex-wife Angelina, and has also acted her younger version in Maleficent. As per sources, Pitt seems to be ‘blown away’ with Purnell’s acting talent, moreover going gaga over her.

“Brad had Ella in mind from the get-go. He went out of his way to cast her. Ella is incredibly flattered by all the attention she’s getting from Brad. She’s told friends he’s always been her No. 1 celebrity crush,” claimed a source.

The more upsetting matter for Jolie is the fact that Purnell is only five years older than Maddox, the 16-year-old daughter of Pitt and the Wanted actress.

“Jolie is furious about Pitt’s interest in Purnell and her being cast on Sweetbitter. She absolutely hates that Pitt is cavorting with someone who played the teenage version of her in a film,” added the source.

In response to the age difference between Pitt and Purnell, sources claimed that, “He realises the huge age difference,” says the source, “and that everyone would look at the relationship as a midlife crisis mistake. He’s taken with Ella’s spunky, funny demeanor and formidable acting skills.”

Will Angelina Jolie slam Pitt publicly or will the actress move in with her own personal life?

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