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We say the world is reigned by men; and women are not given equal privileges.  However my query here is, is it really what everything revolves around?  Will all the women always plan on becoming a victim of this world? Are we always going to shelter ourselves in the name of feminism?  Are we going stick around being the submissive one and cry about it?

My opinion, being a girl of Pakistan, born in Karachi, doesn’t agree with the sympathetically thinking of the society. Both the genders are not equal, they both can never stand shoulder to shoulder. You want to know why?  Because we want “equality” when it’s in our favor.

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Why not stand in lines while buying a roti?  Why do women need space when crossing the road?  Why do women scream for equality when they can’t stand with the pressure that a male handles? Just when women are under pressure, they want to play the victim card whereas when a men is talking about how he is sturdier, women want to get equated.

A quote cites “Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice. If you’re a man, you take it”. We, as women need to stop prying over our privileges and prove what’s there to prove. How many of you reading my blog here are getting offended? Let me ask you, are you a die heart feminist?  If so, then knock your soul and ask, have you ever tried to suppress another women in the name of wariness, abhorrence or loath. Have you tried sprinkle dirt about the other women, if so, then my dear, you getting offended over my blog proves my point right.

Get up and substantiate your point to yourself in addition the world will automatically fall for it. Stop blaring on the top of your lungs if you have nothing to illustrate. Stop concussing yourself in the wall of your house and social media and dodge in the real world and prove if women are really what we say they are, not what they want to become.


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