Anupam Kher disheartened! Why?

Today it was uncovered that Anupam Kher would truth be told not be going to the Karachi Literature Festival, to be held on February fifth, since he had not got his visa. India media reported that Kher’s visa was rejected by the Pakistani High Commission, however that is just the start of this adventure.

In the midst of cases that the Pakistani High Commission in Delhi had never gotten his visa application Kher lashed out at the entire failure on Twitter.


Pakistani authorities have yet to issue an announcement on the matter.


Kher likewise talked about the occurrence to a nearby news channel, saying: “The Karachi Literature Festival drew nearer me around two months back… I’ve heard the Pakistan High Commission is stating they hadn’t got my visa, in the event that they hadn’t got it how did the other 17 individuals welcomed get their visas? I am disheartened by this.”



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