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Are private groups really private?

“Private groups”, what are your thoughts, do you you think they really are private? I mean, people share all different kinds of personal and very private information on these groups assuming they are what they state to be, “private”! But have we ever wondered how safe they are? Or they even safe at all. We have no assurance yet people proceed to share their relationship, life, work issues. 

Over half the people on these groups aren’t even interested in the issue itself and the other half aren’t even who they claim to be. 

The majority of identity thefts are done through these groups, especially these “all-women” groups. 

Women use these groups to express their feelings and problems they deal with expecting other women to relate with them, whilst they’re oblivious of the fact that majority of the women accounts are actually run by men and they use it merely for the purpose of their source of entertainment. 

Discussing about topics and subjects that need awareness is totally another thing and that is what the group should be used for,  but talking about what your mother-in-law or your maid did is entirely a different matter. 

How do we possibly believe that these groups are going to help us through our personal matters? Well, let me make it clear, they won’t! 

People just love being in these groups as much as they love being in other peoples businesses. 

So isn’t it better if we use the same platform and the same amount of energy in something more positive, more productive? Such as; promoting a business, creating awareness about topics such as women empowerment or women rights etc. 

or talking about real issues that we, as women, face on our day-to-day life and look forward towards making a change, major or minor. 

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