Are you Insomniac?


person who suffers from insomnia, the inability, especially when chronic, to obtain sufficient sleep, through difficulty in falling or staying asleep.  I’ll tell you the reasons & cure for it.

 Causes of insomnia: Depression, Work Stress, Anxiety, Change in your environment or work schedule, Medications, Eating too much late in the evening & Taking Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

Insomnia becomes more common with age. As you get older, you may experience.

Cure: Warm milk, it may spark pleasant and relaxing memories of your mother helping you fall asleep. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle, an internal pacemaker that controls the timing and our drive for sleep. It causes drowsiness, lowers body temperature, and puts the body into sleep mode.

Only Herbal Tea gets you sleep easier i.e=Green Tea.


Sleep well & stay beautiful


FHM Pakistan

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