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Are you staying fit?

Gym is not just a leisure pursuit but it is therapy for many. There are many reasons behind an individual going to the gym; not only does gym help a person stay fit but also help them mentally.

There are many combinations of exercises you can carry out when you are working out. There are different exercises for every body part and each body part has a few different muscles and different exercises needed to be done to enhance them.

Many people face problem in achieving their goals even though they work hard at the Gym; the main reason behind them failing is diet and the type of exercise needed. A proper diet which is rich in protein and is low on carbs is beneficial and can help a person with muscle growth whereas the right type of exercise with the right technique and posture is also very important in the proper building of the muscle. Another reason is many people are not aware of the type of exercises they need to do in order to gain weight or to lose weight, many individual who want a toned body end up lifting heavy weight and as a result they get a more bulky body whereas they are supposed to lift light weight and carry out the sets with more repetition in order to get a more toned body.

There are a few basic exercises which you can follow to lose weight:


Yoga:  Early morning yoga’s are always beneficial as you experience your body balancing and being flexible with lots of mindfulness and strength.





Pilates:  Does your back pain all the time if you bend down or walk for a little longer? Pilates is the best rehab for your body pain, it makes your posture better making your knees and joints stronger. Pilates is the most effective as it also boosts your mental health and physique helping you being not only flexible but also helps you staying fit.


Squats:  Squats looks like an easy job but is it? It is the most famous exercise to tone your body and keep it in shape. Squats burn your calories and make you physically very active. Best part about this is, it can be done anywhere and anytime!




Cardio: Obviously how can we forget cardio when we are talking about losing weight? Cardio helps you in reducing calories, extra fat and makes you very strong and active. If you do this regularly, you diet will be maintained like never before!




Hope this helps you and now you know which exercises to go for when you plan on losing some kgs.

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