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If your companion is an Aries, he enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Aries people enjoy a good challenge, and they seek for partners who can supply it. It’s a ride that’s both passionate and jealous, and it’s not for the faint of heart. If you enjoy drama and can tolerate selfishness, Aries could be your perfect match.

As is well known, Aries is not the world’s lovers’ Tom-Jones-slick-satin-bathrobe-wearing-lounge-lizard. Instead, Aries, whether male or female, is a contradiction of opposing forces that can lead to great passions and long-lasting partnerships, or it might stagnate and keep you at home with your mother, making candy apples.

If you accept your fire, wonderful things will come your way; if you ignore it, only the bad qualities of your sign will be permitted to show. Many women born under the sign of Aries find themselves in a world that does not allow, or at least does not appreciate, the characteristics that define their sign. Joan of Arc was an Aries, and look what happened to her because of it. Love yourself and embrace the qualities that make you self-sufficient and significant.

If you have a crush on an Aries, don’t play games with him or her because they will go over his or her head. If you want something, ask for it; they will appreciate it, and you will eventually get it.

ARIES AND CANCER: A couple made up of a Cancer and an Aries is an excellent match since they work well together as a team, sharing their ambitions and objectives and finding the best ways to realize them.

ARIES AND ARIES: This is a combination of action and togetherness. You can do a lot of things together because you have a lot of common interests. With such a passion for life, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get weary of each other’s company. The tension between the two rams is palpable and intense. This is a relationship where there will never be a boring moment, and with your high ambitions and zest for life, it will be a fun-filled partnership just trying to keep up with each other’s lives.

ARIES AND TAURAS: The potential of these two locals is unimaginable, and considering the compatibilities that emerge as a result, it’s no wonder that things will turn out well.

ARIES AND GEMINI: The Aries + Gemini attention is maintained by engaging discourse. There is never a dull moment when this couple is together. Aries, on the other hand, may quickly switch off when Gemini goes into idle conversation overdrive, and while Gemini is pleased to do so for a time, they will soon realize they aren’t getting Aries’ whole attention and will feel deceived. If there isn’t enough challenge for Aries and variety for Gemini, they will both lose interest soon. These two are ideally suited when it comes to living life and the desire to experience it on many different levels.

ARIES AND LEO:  This is an ardent relationship! Love, lust, and romance all exist in the bedroom, keeping the couple connected on a psychic and spiritual level. Aries and Leo have reciprocal regard and appreciation for one another, which develops into trust over time as both parties believe they can rely on the other. As a result, they are more willing to accommodate each other’s differences and see the benefits rather than the inevitable compromises that come with any partnership.

ARIES AND VIRGO: It’s been said that opposites attract, and it’s true on occasion. In fact, if two people can accept what the other person offers to a relationship, which is almost always the attributes they lack, opposites can function together like Ying and yang, offering a balance to the entire. In this situation, with the Aries + Virgo pairing, each of these signs operate in completely distinct ways. Aries is impulsive, straightforward, and says exactly what they think. They are direct and to the point.

ARIES AND LIBRA: As opposing signs on the zodiac wheel, Aries is assertive and Libra is passive, thus their energy levels are diametrically opposed and can drive each other insane. On the bright side, because opposites attract, the Libra charm has the potential to soften the fiery and occasionally abrasive temperament of Aries. Aries can teach Libra to break out of their comfort zone and be brave enough to take a chance on life, while Libra can teach the bold and rash Ram to take a softer approach.

ARIES AND SCORPIO: This is a powerful and electrifying relationship, and Aries and Scorpio frequently have an instant connection. They notice some of their own characteristics in each other, as they are both action-oriented and globe movers and shakers. However, it may take some time for these two to let down their barriers and trust each other enough to allow their hearts to entwine, but if they can let go and let love in, this may be a really loving union.

ARIES AND SAGITTARIUS: This is a deep heart-to-heart soul bond. When these two signs get together, they are in love-heaven! Like two fire balls racing through life creating your own destinies, you both have a healthy enough opinion of self to allow the other to live life without having to constantly check if you are still all-ok with each other. You have similar values and interests in life, and so much going on individually it keeps you eternally interested in each other.

ARIES AND CAPRICORN: Although they are practically on the same wavelength and follow the same ideas, Aries and Capricorn have very different ways, yet they can get a very good result if they can find the proper opportunity to open up. They are both able to put themselves first and foremost, as well as considering others. As they are both ambitious signs, and cardinal action oriented signs there is much to achieve and they are skilled at stepping forward to make their life materialize as they envisage.

ARIES AND AQUARIUS: Despite their contrasts in personalities and passions, the Aries and the Aquarius can still enjoy and be loyal to one another. They love adventure and the more challenging the better. Aquarians have an innate level of intuition, and are often thought of as the zodiac genius. They can outwit Aries, and the very fact that the Aquarian has an endless stream of wisdom, ideas and concepts, totally fascinates the Ram, and this is what keeps Aries interested.

ARIES AND PISCES: Things are destined to bloom in the most unexpected of ways when the naturally creative and perceptive Piscean meets the already emotional and sensitive Aries. They give it their all to make things work, and their romantic and psychological depth is just right to establish a magnificent and wonderful connection that will last for generations.

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