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“Parizaad” drama is ruling the hearts of people, and here is the reason why?

The drama parizaad is ruling the hearts of people because of the fantastic crew we have. We have never seen Ahmed Ali Akbar in such an anticipating and intense role. This drama takes us on a tremendous journey, and of course, Pakistani fans are loving it.

The epic dialogues of this drama are intense and emotional, which compels us to believe in the true colors of this world. Given Hashim Nadeem’s success with writings like Raqs-e-Bismil and Ishq Zahe Naseeb, people typically demand the best from Parizaad. When Ahmed Ali Akbar was last seen in Ehd-e-Wafa, Saboor Aly and Ushna Shah were featured on a tiny screen in Mujhe Wida Kar and Aakhir Kab Tak, respectively. Witnessing in threes at Parizaad may be the icing on the cake for local television.

“Parizaad” drama is giving us goosebumps!

As we all know that Hum Tv never fails to impress us by showing us a variety of amazing and thrilling dramas. Parizaad continues to discover how materialistic the world can be. He learns the hard way that money cannot buy happiness and love, but we all know that this is not entirely true; certainly, we need money to live a good life, but money is not everything. When Parizaad says farewell to Saeeda, we all feel upset, and the way he sobs in Fort of Saleem for the sake of her sister’s happiness is terrible. We are still perplexed by the bhabies’ fascination with Saeed’s life. We get a brief peek of Nauman Eijaz in the role of Behroze Kareem, which is amazing.

Let’s wait for another episode and other thrills in the drama….

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