Arrest warrant issued against Indian drama queen Rakhi Sawant

Arrest warrant issued against Indian drama queen Rakhi Sawant

Indian Punjab Court has issued an arrest warrant against the drama queen Rakhi Sawant on Monday. The warrant was issued after she failed to mark her presence on a case based on inferior remarks passed by her for a Ramayana author.

Though much hasn’t been known yet, it is being said that she alleged the Ramayana writer as a ‘Murderer’.

For now, the hearing of this case has been put on pending till 10th April while the warrant has been issued in order to get her to the premises.

According to the details, she had passed inferior remarks against a Ramayana author Valmiki. His book had mentioned the story of Hindus’ pious God, Lord Rama.

It is no big deal to hear that Ms. Sawant has been issued with an arrest warrant in her favour. She is famous for her controversial tactics and ways to garner fame. What we can think of the warrant now is that she might be happy and jumping with delight that tabloids and news websites have finally gotten something to write about her. Sorry, we are guilty too!

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