Avril Lavigne death hoax re-emerges

Avril Lavigne death hoax re-emerges

Death hoax’s in Hollywood are nothing new. Every other day a new celebrity supoosedly dies, only for them to take to social media and smash those rumors.

Back in 2003, news emerged which has now become one of the most popular internet hoaxes of all time. Avril Lavinge is dead and that she was replaced by her body double Melissa Vandella.

The theory that emerged back in 2003 and has been circling ever since made a comeback with fans once again; going at this popular death hoax. Supposedly as the story goes, Lavigne’s grandfather who passed away in 2002 is the main reason for her death.

She committed suicide because she was very close to him and the indication for this was largely her second record “Under My Skin”, leaving clues in the lyrics.

Other theories suggest that since she was at the peak of her career, the fame got too much for her to handle and it led to her taking her life.

The popular post which reappeared on Tumblr a few days ago, titled “Did you know Avril Lavigne was replaced by a lookalike named Melissa in 2003?”, came back with fans digging around with clues emerging left and right.

Some fans suggest that her writing today is different to that in 2002 and that her eyes and her appearance took a sudden turn too. Of course with a person ageing, face changing is bound to happen.

What remains to be seen is, will this death hoax theory make comeback in a few years with more absurd claims or not.


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