This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition

This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition

When a couple is blessed with a baby, they do all the possible things from the day their baby is born till the time they are mature enough to handle everything on their own. Children are a blessing for parents, but there are some children who are born with some rare conditions.

Pei Shan Teo is one of the babies who was born with a rare genetic disorder. When she was born her parents were the happiest couple. But her parents were told that she has a genetic disorder which means that while Pei Shan Teo would grow emotionally and mentally, she would never grow physically.

This news would have definitely made them sad, but what they did when faced with her diagnosis in an absolute inspiration for every parents.

Soon after some months, her parents began to notice something unusual about their little girl. Pei Shan Teo’s arms and legs did not seem to be growing. They quickly took her back to the hospital where the doctors ran a serious battery of tests and came to a conclusion that their little girl had type III mucopolysaccharidosis. The disorder is also known as Sanfilippo syndrome. The rare condition causes severe cases of stunted growth and makes it impossible for patients afflicted to walk or breathe on their own. MPS III also is a progressive disorder, which affects the spine and the brain over time.

This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition

Normally the parents would have lost all the hope and dream which they had about their child, but this shocking news didn’t change the way Pei’s parents felt about her. Instead they started spending more time with her.

This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition

Pei had developed into a concert pianist, she loved nothing as much as spending hours practicing on her favorite instrument. She might have looked like an infant, but when she performed in front of crowds in Singapore it was clear she was a complete professional. Doctors warned Pei’s parents very early on that their daughter would not live long. When she made it to her teenage years, no one could believe it! Sadly, her health began to decline. She instructed her parents that when she passed her funeral should be “Hello Kitty” themed in order to bring a smile to those attending.

This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition

Pei died just days before her 18th birthday, her entire family was with her when she passed. Though she never got a chance to celebrate her 18th birthday, that did not stop her family members from presenting her with one last cake to celebrate her miraculous life.

She was definitely an inspiration for all the parents out there, who are blessed with a baby but they prefer throwing them away just because it’s a daughter. May all the parents be blessed with healthy babies.

This baby is actually 17-year-old with a rare condition


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