One Thing That Makes Balu Mahi Worth Watching Except It’s Amazing Cast.


I had a perception that rom-com will never make it’s way in Pakistan but, thanks to the revival of Pakistani cinema, directors and producers are taking sheer interest in experimenting with genres. Like any other film we are about to witness another piece of art which will instantly make you fall in love.

Balu Mahi – a story of Bilal (Balu) and Mahi is certainly grabbing attention already. YouTube sensation Osman Khalid Butt, Beautiful Ainy Jaffri and Lux Award winning model Sadaf Kanwal is the star cast for the movie whilst the movie is directed by none other than Lux Award winning director Haissan Hussain and produced by Sadia Jabbar, from which we certainly have high expectations. Apart from these charming faces there is one thing I would highlight, which is clearly love at first sight – THE LOCATION! I mean who wants to go to Switzerland when you have Hunza in your own country?


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The third spell of the movie is all set to begin from 18th July 2016 but, rumours has it that Sadia Jabbar is broke already after two spells, and we might also see a major technical glitch because of cinematographer being replaced. Doesn’t sound like a good rumour to me at all. But anyhow, I hope this movie comes out soon as it is a long wait till Valentines 2017, but a wait worth a while. Good luck to the cast, crew and everyone for this amazing flick.

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