#BanChugtaiLab trending on twitter as another life is lost


Last night another life was taken due to the negligence of our health facilities. #BanChugtaiLab is trending at no.1 on twitters right now as Pakistanis are furious and cannot control their rage. A patient named Kiran was transfused with the wrong blood group which caused instant renal failure. Kiran’s blood group was B+ where as she was transfused with AB+ blood which took her life. Chugtai lab reported her blood group to be AB+ and Surgimed Hospital proceeded to do the transfusion. The faulty reports are attached below.


The healthcare system in Pakistan is flawed to a point where patients are treated as customers only. All that these labs and hospitals care about is how much money they can gather from a certain individual. These hospitals have taken the lives of countless individuals due to their carelessness. Accidents are acceptable and we understand that healthcare professionals are only human and errors can take place. But when you are dealing with lives of people, the least you can do is treat them like humans and not customers. This is a pure lack of humanity from these so called hospitals which are mere money making machines, looting the people of Pakistan. I’m not saying all hospitals are the same but even one life should not be thrown away like this. No one can imagine what Kiran’s family would be going right now, who brought her for a harmless blood transfusion and ended up losing her forever. This is heartbreaking and the authorities need to take notice before more lives are taken





Salman Masood

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