“Banning Pakistani Talent Won’t Stop Terrorism” – Karan Johar

"Banning Pakistani Talent Won't Stop Terrorism" - Karan Johar

Banning Pakistani talent to work in India, is not the solution to stop terrorism

Speaking exclusively to NDTV on The Townhall; Film maker Karan Johar broke the silence on the Pakistan-India artist issue and said:

“I am a very patriotic person. I love my country. Every terror attack burns me and kills me too; and when you read the news it angers you as well. I wonder why, why this is all happening because terrorism is not the answer to anything. Then you are faced with a situation to forcefully ban Pakistani talent, but this is not the solution to stop terrorism. According to me this is not the solution.

I believe there are larger forces that have to come together to sort out this situation because we cannot ban art, talent or artists. I am nobody to conclude an answer on how to stop terrorism because I am just a film maker; telling a story. I feel I am the vulnerable and a soft target. If today, my film, “Ae Dil Hay Mushkil” is going to be targeted because of this, it will make me immensely sad. Sometimes I feel that I should say this with folded hands that we are the creative industry, and please leave us alone; we make movies, spread love and there are millions of people in the world we make happy with the work what we do. Please let us do it, peacefully.”


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