Be yourself because that is what matters at the end

Question here is, why is everyone aphorism this these days?  Is this a new form of tactic to look cool or is it really what you fancy? Have you ever thought of life as a blessing you have from god? Have you ever thought about the people who are dying and want to live just a few days have heard a lot of people say to me, “I wish I was never born in this world” or “I wish I die as soon as possible”. Mys more? Ask those people who are on their deathbed and want to spend just a few minutes more with their family. Go visit those places where people want to live, who are praying for some more time from god; for the same blessing you want to end because your girlfriend isn’t replying to you, or your office is too hectic or your boss is angry at you, or your father is not giving you money or you’ve got a little pimple on your forehead!

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You know why are these thoughts coming to you? Why is this baloney striking your head?  Because we have stopped loving ourselves. We are putting ourselves down every day. We are forgetting the worth we have of ourselves. These days’ people are so busy in looking at their flaws that they have forgotten what uniqueness they possess in themselves. We are busy collating ourselves with others; we just automatically make a perception of the other being superior than us whilst have the ability of doing so much more than the other person, or even better; If not, you still have the capability to do something else that the other person cannot even think about doing. We all are diverse; find that germ that is different from others because we all were bought in this world with different genes and DNA’s. We all are segregated from the other soul hence STOP COMPARING AND START LOVING! Know your worth, know how your existence matter to the people who love you. Learn to seek the light from the people who know themselves, cut the negativity out of yourself and put the effort in making your life beautiful because no one else is going to do it for you!



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