Be yourself! Fill yourself up with light and fly!

Life sucks. I look fat. My complexion is dark. My height is short. I’m not good enough. I am sad. I am failing today. My life is a mess. These are the few negative statements we use in our daily life and attract negativity.
This negative attitude is a symptom of all your difficulties. This pessimistic approach badly affects your health, relationships, professional growth and your self-confidence. The way you think affects your emotion and this affects your behavior.

Start your day with positivity and repeat positive statements in your daily life. You’re meant to live a beautiful life and only you can bring that beauty to your life. When you wake up every day your day should be filled with love care and peace. Of course, there will be hurdles in your life but they are meant to grow you and make you stronger. Take daily life challenges as a learning process and explore yourself through them. Stay positive in those bad times and repeat affirmations. When you start telling yourself you have a beautiful life, you might be wrong, but this will reflect what you want in life; give the message to your brain to think that way.


First step to bring positivity in your life is the act of repeating positive statement. Studies show “it is easier to make positive change when you use daily affirmations”. They prime your brain for change and motive your mind to act according to the repeated words. Make a habit of repeating affirmations. This will direct your mind towards positivity, When you wake up in the morning tell yourself-  it is going to be a good day, you welcome this day in your life with full energy and love. When you look into the mirror, tell yourself you’re beautiful, healthy and happy.

Always give positive messages to your brain, be attentive to your thinking and delete whenever any negative thought comes into your mind. Direct your brain to delete it; Just say delete, delete, delete thrice and immediately turn your mind away towards positive thoughts because they have an effect on your actions.

 “Changing your words, changes your mind. Changing your mind alters your energy and that is what changes your life.” 



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