Benefits of jasmine oil


Jasmine has antiseptic properties and is also used for making medicine. It has many benefits. The fragrance of jasmine is very soothing. However, jasmine is very beneficial in the form of jasmine oil for your face, skin and in general.


1. Good for dry skin

Jasmine oil is great for skin due to its healthy benefits. It can be used to treat dry skin. Everybody loves a skin glow, it also helps in promoting a glowing and healthy skin. It helps calm the irritated skin. You can use it by adding 1-3 drops of the oil in your lotion, face wash or makeup. Also, jasmine oil helps in reducing dark spots.

2. Helps in uplifting the mood

Jasmine oil is known for its calming and soothing effects. Helps in improving breathing and reduces anxiety and restlessness and promotes healthy and optimistic mood. You can massage your wrists, temples, neck and your feet with jasmine oil for calming effect.

3. Promotes sleep

When you are not able to sleep due to anxiety or stress and spend restless nights. Jasmine oil can put a stop to sleeplessness. Therefore, the fragrance of jasmine helps in clearing your mind and reduce any stress. Jasmine oil works as a natural sedative and can help calm your nerves.

4. Heal wounds and scars

Jasmine oil is known for its healing properties as well. We try things for removing our scars, jasmine helps in lessening acne spots from face, dark spots and stretch marks as well. It works in reducing the appearance of scars.

5. Homemade perfume

Even more, you can make a homemade perfume with your diy skills. Certainly, jasmine oil contains great powerful fragrance which is very soothing and it can be used for aromatherapy as well. However, for making a homemade perfume you can mix it with other oils as it blends nicely with other oils.


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