The best cabin crew uniforms of all time!

Flying and glamour have always gone hand in hand. Airline companies would usually go all out in designing their cabin crew uniforms, they have to be very fashionable and yet functional. No doubt, flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent. So here we have collected top flight attendant uniforms for you.

1) The pretty ladies at Virgin Atlantic have been voted the “most attractive airline stewardess” in a survey, as they are quite noticeable with their silk neck ties and well-fitted red suits.

2) Emirates is one of the world’s leading airlines and it will not be surprising that its cabin crew uniform is one of the world’s most recognizable uniforms. The airline has most elegant flight attendants of different nationalities. They are in different looks and styles but all are very attractive and polished. Emirates hostesses always look quite alluring in their outfits.

3) Air France’s uniforms have long been considered to be one of the most unique in the air.With a long history of working with top designers, the airline has previously contracted Balenciaga and Dior in the 1960s. 

4)Etihad ,The UAE-based airline’s beautiful uniforms offer a subtle nod to its Italian partnership with Alitalia. After all, they were designed by Italian Haute Couturier Ettore Bilotta.

5)Aeroflot, The Russian national carrier’s eye-catching uniforms are as noteworthy for their retro blazers and tilted caps as they are for their bold orange hue.While the women’s uniform comes in a chic dark blue colour, as well, specifically for the winter months it’s their red tangerine summer offering that tops our best-dressed flight crew list.


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