Biryani mania never ends


Biryani is truly the one dish that brings together all the history of the subcontinent in one, making its way all the way from Persia, to the Indian subcontinent with the Mughals, to this day where families have traditions built up around it, for instance, in some workplaces & households, Friday is Biryani day. A celebration in our culture is incomplete without a hearty serving of Biryani.

We however believe that every day is Biryani day! Everything from the aroma to the flavour, how the meat falls off the bone, how the rice just melts in every bite, when it comes to a food that the entire nation can get behind, Biryani is undoubtedly on everyone’s mind.

To facilitate your Biryani cravings day and night, foodpanda provides amazing discounted deals that you can avail countrywide. Be it from Gabbarz Café in Karachi or Biryani Time in Bahawalpur, foodpanda will deliver this national dish to your doorstep, wherever you are.

Here are some of the deals that foodpanda is offering with amazing discounts:

Zikr & Zaika Biryani

Deal for One (Chicken biryani + Raita) Rs 120

The Real Biryani

Single biryani for Rs. 120

Biryani Mastani

1 Single Biryani + 1 raita for 125

Master Naan & Shermaal House

1 chicken biryani+300ml drink for Rs. 150

Gabbarz Cafe

Chicken biryani for Rs. 120

Master Restaurant

1 single biryani + cold drink for Rs. 150

M Akhter Biryani & Catering

1 plate chicken biryani+1 raita for Rs. 140

Moosa Caterers

Chicken biryani with drink in Rs. 140

AA Kitchen

Chicken biryani, raita, salad with drink in Rs. 180

Influx Caterers

Flat 15% off on Chicken Biryani

New Galaxy fast food

1 biryani + 300ml drink for Rs. 150

New Dehli Pakwan

1 biryani + 1 raita for Rs. 120

Madni Food Centre & Beef Nalli Biryani

1 chicken biryani – 1 raita free (Rs. 140)

Master Foods & Pakwan centre

1 chicken biryani+salad+375ml drink for Rs. 150

Master Biryani

1 chicken biryani+1 raita for Rs. 150

Ghosia nalli biryani

1 single chicken biryani+1 cold drink for Rs. 150

With about 500 options for astonishing Biryani deals, foodpanda is now just the Biryani pit stop your day needed! With an unprecedented love for Biryani, foodpanda’s deals will cater to everyone just the way they like it!

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Chicken, Beef and Mutton which Biryani is your favorite?


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