Blemish and Dullness Free Face With These Ingredients

When I was a teenager mom always encouraged me to use home-based products for healthy skin but I never listened because I thought it won’t work the way beauty products do. But now, my kitchen is heaven for me as I have now, understood the importance of products that we find in the kitchen or consume on the daily basis.

Just like any other remedy or DIY, I bring you this perfect face pack which will remove all the blemishes and dullness from your face. Just three quick ingredients and you are good to glow.  Turmeric has amazing health and beauty benefits, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and heals scars and acne.



1/2 Banana
1Tsp Turmeric
1Tbsp Milk

Apply it for 2-3 minutes, wash it with luke warm water and Voila – No Dullness and no Blemishes.


FHM Pakistan

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